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Liquid additives

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Liquid additives

High-quality, liquid additives for your groundmix, boiliemix or directly over your boilies.

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Active Special

This liquid is especially composed as an attractive additive for carp and contains, amongst other ingredients, fish- and beefextract. For an even greater instant effect, a special sausageflavour has been added. Active Special is full of amino acids which have a positive effect on the carps appetite. Active Special is a true carpmagnet!



Aminol is made out of fishextract, high in protein and full of all the essential amino acids. Aminol has a high instant effect and has proven to trigger carp to feed and keep feeding! Aminol is salty, because of this it can be used to preserve freezerbaits for a longer period of time during longer sessions.



The highest quality salmonoil contains unsaturated omega 3 and omega 6 fat acids, which have a positive effect on the carps metabolism. Furthermore, salmonoil is full of healthy fats which are essential for the carps condition. Instead of other oils, salmonoil almost doesn’t solidify at low temperatures; an excellent additive for wintercarping!


CPSP & Robin Red

Two proven ingredients combined in 1 bottle! CPSP, predigested fishmeal, keeps the carp feeding and is soluble in water. CPSP & Robin Red reaches all waterlayers and stays attractive for a long time. The thick fluid is fishy, spicy and has a hint of sweetness.


Liver Extract

This liverextract is rich in vitamin B and full of amino acids. It is often used for quick recognition and acceptation. By adding Liquid Liver to your boiliemix the instant response will increase and carp will instantly recognize it as food. Liquid Liver combined with pellets, particles, spod-, stick- and spodmix will enhance the attractiveness dramatically.


Krill hydrolisaat

Krill hydrolisaat is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxydants. This Krill has a rich taste, a strong taste and it will boost any bait used. It can be used as a baitsoak, in feeder- and groundbait or as an additive for a boiliemix.


Use 10-50ml per kilo as a baitsoak or in groundbait, use up to 50ml per kilo boiliemix.


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Active Special, Aminol, CPSP & Robin Red, Krill Hydrolisaat, Liver Extract, Salmonoil


2,5 liter = 25% discount, 500 ml


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