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Are you a Champion?

New boilie range

We are proud to present the Champion Range. This new range consists of two kinds of boilies, the High Active and the High Protein. The boilies are built up using top quality and water- soluble ingredients. The boilies are soft, have an open structure and slowly dissolve leaving an appetizing smell- and taste trail. Champion Read more…

New Formula

New: Foodbait Pop-ups

After nearly two years of testing and fine tuning Martin SB introduces a new quality product at Carp Zwolle. We have completely renewed six flavors of Xtra Range pop-ups! These are offered in jars of 50 grams containing 50% foodbait pop-ups and 50% fluorine pop-ups in 15mm. The new Xtra Range pop-ups will soon be Read more…

Nieuwe boilie range

Time for some news!

  It’s time to bring you some hot news! We have developed a completely new boilie range! In this new range there are two kinds of high quality boilies. Both types are extensively tested by both the French and the Dutch Martin SB Team. The new range will be presented at Carp Zwolle 2018. Check the video for Read more…

Geslaagd Teamweekend

Team Weekend Martin SB 2017

Saturday the 23rd of September our full Dutch Carp Team came together in Amsterdam.   Everybody had a great time!                   

Wereldkampioenschap Karpervissen

19th World Championship Carp Fishing

Last September the National French Carpteam participated the 19th World Championship Carpfishing 2017. We are very proud that they have won the third place in this competition! Concratulations!!     Later this year we will tell you all about the new boilie range that these guys used during this competition!

Andres stelt zich voor

Teamlid Andres introduces himself

Since when does Andres fish on Carp? What bait does he prefer? Teammember Andres de Rouville introduces himself. Click here to go directly to Andres’s page.

Liquid Additive Salmonoil

Steef Peeters about Salmonoil

The temperatures are rising rapidly, above and beneath the surface!That means that the carps are looking for action and are ready to feed! Duringthe day and at night the fish will swim large distances for food, what makes our fishing easier than in wintertime for example. But they still must find your bait of course! Read more…



Martin SB is a company that is continuously develops new and distinctive carp baits. In recent years, the company has made innovating steps and puts high-profile products on the market every single year. One of these products, or rather product range, is de Quatro Mini Range. Small baits are discovered by more and more carpanglers Read more…

Nieuw artikel - Rick van Wees

New article: Tigernuts

A new article, written by Rick van Wees! For many years I like to use tigernuts, particularly in combination with boilies I think it’s a great bait to use. In some cases I mix it with some hemp. Once I start using tigernuts, I always make sure that I am able to use a baitboat Read more…

Party @ Carp Zwolle

Introduction SWEET 17

Introduction new bait SWEET 17 “After two years of testing and finetuning this boilie is finally Martin SB worthy and ready to be presented to the public. “ Read here the whole article and watch our new intro video.


Winners last Martin SB action!

Many ‘most beautiful carp pictures’ were sent in. Thank you very much for that! The winners will receive their prizes as soon as possible at home, 5 packages worth more than €100 each!   The winners of the OCTOBER-action are: Rene Dobber Jelle Reimert Stellan Smid Stijn Bouman Dennis Fine

Salmonoil and fishing with deadbait

New article by Alvar Besemer

Martin SB Team member Alvar Besemer wrote an article about the Liquid Additive: Salmonoil. How to use Salmonoil while fishing with deadbait? Read all about it in his article.  

Forum International Multipêches

Deconinck exhibition in Belgium

  On the 15th & 16th of october Martin SB will be present at the Deconinck exhibition in Belgium, with a nice stand. Our French team members Gilles Kieffer and Gerald Tschudy will be at your service for some product explanation, we’ll hope to meet you there!     Deconinck Chasse Tir Peche Forum International Read more…

Congratulations Winners

Winners September action

Many funny friend-photos were sent in. Thank you very much for that! The winners will receive their prizes as soon as possible at home, 5 packages worth more than €100 each!   On October 1st we’ll start all over again, don’t’ miss it! The winners of the SEPTEMBER-action are: Carla Roosenburg – Holland: Carla’s husband Read more…

The white wonderbait

Cyriel Ramlakhan on carpwebsite Karper-Magazine.nl

On Carp website Karper-magazine.nl Aspirant Teammember Cyriel Ramlakhan wrote an article about the development and use of wonderbait: White Monster Crab. Click here for the complete Dutch article.

August competition

AUGUST news: win win win

WIN 5x 10kg Classic Range + 500ml Liquid Additive + Popups + MSB-cap This summer Martin SB gives away €500 worth of products every month! The august competition starts today and ends on august the 14th. The week after we will pronounce the winners on our website and social media. What do you do?   Read more…


The WINNERS of our JULY-action!

Over a hundred release-photos were sent in. Thanks very much for that! The winners will receive their prizes as soon as possible at home, 5 packages worth more than €100 each!   On August 1st we’ll start all over again, don’t’ miss it!   The winners of the JULY-action are: Corentin Meric – France Jan Read more…

Zullen ze er nog zitten?

Steef Peeters on Carpfeeling

It took over 20 sessions for Martin SB Aspirant Teammember Steef Peeters to answer one single question: Are they still there? Read the complete Dutch article on Carpfeeling.

New introduction video

Boost your bait with Liquid Additives from Martin SB

Enrich your hookbait, boilies, crushies, groundbait, PVA content and surface baits with the 7 Liquids from Martin SB, for more attractiveness underwater. In our latest introduction video we let you see the effects of this fine and natural product. Try it out yourself and experience an improvement in your catches! Watch the video: The 7 Read more…


The WINNERS of our JUNE-action

Hundreds of photographs of beautiful mirrors were sent in. Thanks very much for that! The winners will receive their prizes as soon as possible at home, 5 packages worth more than €100 each! On July 1st we’ll start all over again, don’t’ miss it! The winners of the JUNE-action are: • Moriau Christophe – France Read more…

It's our birthday!

Martin SB is celebrating!

Martin SB is celebrating! The next 5 months we give away over €2500 of prizes! Keep an eye on Facebook, Instagram and our website! On June 1st we’ll kick off!

New article

New article by Bastiaan

Aspirant Martin SB Teammember Bastiaan Cappendijk is over the moon with the new range of Basic boilies. Read his new article:  Basic Range – Green Fish

Martin SB - Montlucon 2016 - Photo report

Montlucon 2016


Krill & Liver action - news !

Krill & Liver action – News !

Next week, from Monday till Friday, we will pronounce two winners of the Martin SB Krill & Liver action on Facebook. You can still enter the competition and maybe you will win 5kg of our new Krill & liver boilies! You can do so until Thursday the 26th of November 12.00 pm.   WIN the new Read more…

Quatro - Rolf Bouman

Martin SB Quatro Mini Fluor Pop-Ups

Mini baits are a valuable alternative for every serious carpfisherman nowadays. There are situations where striking and highly buoyant mini baits will make the difference. Especially for these circumstances Martin SB has three different combipacks. Rolf Bouman is consultant at Martin SB and explains: ‘I never really use a regular shaped and sized boilie as Read more…

Instant 8 - Nick Dekkers

The power of Instant 8

Long before I joined Martin SB I already fished with Monster Crab and Tiger Peanut boilies from this company. It would have been obvious for me to continue with these great baits because my results were really good. Still I decided to try another boilie to learn more about the assortment of Martin SB. Other Read more…

Silkworms - Alvar Besemer


Early in the morning I leave for a short session of surface fishing for carp. It’s a warm summer day and there’s no wind whatsoever. The water looks deserted when the sun rises, early morningshade and mist dominate. But I do know better, I know what can happen here within a few hours. But will Read more…

New website Martin SB and win Krill & Liver

New website Martin SB

What started off 24 years ago in a kitchen has evolved to an European carpbait-producer in 2015. The family company Martin SB is known from the beginning for its innovative mentality. A team of fanatic carpfishermen is continuously testing and thinking out new products. This is why Martin SB offers products for every carpfisherman. Now we Read more…

Garlic Shellfish Pop-ups - Rolf Bouman

Let’s go pink!

The pink Garlic Shellfish pop-ups, round or in dumbell-shape, will always be in my tacklebox. In clear water, I’ve seen it with my own eyes how curious carp ignored normal baits and went straight for a pink fluor pop-up even though it’s not very natural looking. The fact that is stands out, makes it an Read more…

Zig iT - Reggy Bruinsma

Fishing zigs with the best mix!

That carp are well off the bottom for most of the day is pretty well known by now. Especially during the daytime carp like to stay in the upper layers. For carp fishermen using a zig, this is the depth to present their hookbait. My greatest successes are booked from midwater to two thirds from Read more…

Crush on Crushies - Boudewijn Margadant

Crush on Crushies

It must have been in 1989 that I discovered the added value of broken boilies over whole ones. When I joined Martin SB that was one of the first things I suggested to produce because no one else did. The people behind Martin SB were actually having the same idea at that time. Crushies aren’t Read more…

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