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Silkworms, take a walk on the wild side!

Early in the morning I leave for a short session of surface fishing for carp. It’s a warm summer day and there’s no wind whatsoever. The water looks deserted when the sun rises, early morningshade and mist dominate. But I do know better, I know what can happen here within a few hours. But will I succeed this time with a bait I’ve never used before?

Martin SB has several new products, all natural. One of those are silkworms; dried and ready to fish! Usable during surface- and zigfishing, as hookbait or to attract carp. The swim I fish today is quite different to others, it’s full of weeds and the carp are too smart to be fooled by a standard bait.

Martin SB - Article - Alvar - Zijderups 1kg Martin SB - Article - Alvar - zijderupsen drijvend

I start off with prebaiting silkworms in the few areas there are without vegetation. Now it’s a waiting game. Small fish start feeding instantly on the tasty silkworms and that triggers the bigger carp to do the same. I still wait some longer, while the minutes go by more and more carpmouths break the surface. It’s time to put a hook in!

With some elastic I attach a small chunk of floating dogfood to the hook. I cast the thin braided line and the hook in the spot I just saw some thick carplips. Like the carp came from nowhere, suddenly two dark lips break the surface, a grassy! Game on!

The thin braid does what it is supposed to do and the fish stays hooked. When finally in the net I conclude that this grasscarp is exceptionally fat. The fish goes crazy but once on the mat it calms down. Grasscarp normally eat veggies, but apparently the don’t mind silkworms and dogfood! This first session was a great success, next I will take silkworms with me again and also use them as hookbait.

Martin SB - Article - Alvar -Graskarper man vis foto

Written by Martin SB