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Zig iT… A multi talent! – Rene de Schipper

Short and effective are the keywords of my type of fishing.

I always want to fish as attractive as possible. Obviously, a high-quality boilie on the hair is very important. However, boilies need a longer period to get the carp in a ‘feeding mode’. Using a fine mix that consists out of many little pieces will help! I always go fishing no matter what the weather conditions are and that’s why I like to use a mix that reaches all the water layers. For me, Zig iT is a perfect product for this type of fishing.

Zig iT is mostly being used by specialized zig-anglers because the mix will stay in the top layers of the water before it drops to the lower water layers. But what appears? Zig iT also works the other direction! How does that work?

The necessities

Zig iT will be the base of my mix, half of the total amount consists out of the Zig iT mix. The other half of the amount consists of finely crushed boilies which I soak with a Super Smog. Before I mix the Zig iT mix with the crushed and soaked boilies, I wait till the crushed boilies have absorbed the Super Smog booster. Otherwise the dry Zig iT mix will absorb most of the Super Smog.

When you’ve mixed the dry Zig iT with the crushed and soaked boilies, it’s time to press the mix well together in a PVA mesh and make a ‘sausage’ of it. I usually do this one day before the start of the session so that the mix in my PVA sticks can dry a little bit more. The next day your PVA sticks will be perfect!

Ready for action

When the rig is in position, there will be a cloud of thousands of little pieces of food in all the water layers. This will attract the carp faster for sure! The type of Zig iT mix I use depends on the boilies that I use. Zig iT is available in three types: Tropical Fruits, Prawn & Insects and Hot Chilli.

Enjoy your fishing!

Written by Martin SB

Zig iT & Mixes