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Catch your fish in the upper water layers with Zig iT!

The Zig iT mixes exist for more than two years now. I still can remember the first encounter with this product. It was halfway Februari in 2014. At that moment I fished a swim since December for two times a week and for just a few hours per session. By feeding my swims every day out of my work, I could catch some carps every session but catching carps by daylight appeared almost impossible. Until I got the idea to use a zig on a cold but sunny day in February.

Ok, at the moment the water temperature was just 5 degrees but with some sunshine and a high pressure it seemed to me that the fish would be in the top layer of the deeper water. A few seconds later, there lay two pieces of foam at 1.5 and 2 meters below the water surface. Exactly on the spot where I’ve already blanked on the bottom for a few hours. Then I prepared some Zig iT with evaporated milk to create a mushy mix. I decided to bait up my swim with just a single spod per zig and I repeated this every 10 minutes.

I was just sitting in my chair when one of my bite indicators gave a single bleep and the bobbin climbed up. A typical ‘zig bite’! Without a doubt I immediately took my rod and made contact with the fish. Fantastic! So you’ve blanked for a couple of hours and then you are fighting a carp after just one adjustment. Because of the clear water, I choose to use an 8 lbs Zig rig so the drill became a little exciting. Fortunately I caught a lovely thirty. In winter and on a zig rig! It’s obvious that an experience like this is good for the confidence in the new bait and zigmix. This feeling proved absolutely right because I caught a lot of carps since I bait up my zig rigs with Zig iT.

Martin SB - Artikel - Zig iT - Reggy Bruinsma - Door Zig IT over mijn zigs te spodden wist ik een bizarre hoeveelheid vis te vangen in twee jaar tijd

How to use Zig iT?
The use of Zig iT is really easy. Most of the times I prepare 2 buckets of mix. One of the mixes I make very wet and the other one become as dry as possible. These 2 mixes I spod or (even better) spomb alternately at my swim. I enrich the mix with some condensed milk which create a beautiful and attractive cloud in the water. Besides that, I put some cooked hemp in the mix and that’s all! Additional additives are not necessary because every mix of Zig iT contains more than enough attraction by itself.

Zigging is working!
Because the mix is very attractive, it’s very important that you bait up your spod exactly above your zig rig. You don’t want to move the fish away from your swim because then you’re baiting up next to the swim! You can reach the precision by using ‘distance sticks’ and the line clips on the spool of your reel. Spodding right over zig rigs is a very active way of fishing. There will need to be regularly change the fish depth or the colour of the hook bait and beside that you have to bait up the swim continuously. It’s better to spomb 1 to 3 times every 10 minutes per rod, than 10 at once! The results should be there too. When I look back to my most successful sessions, it turns out that I used the zig rig in most of the times.


Check out the short movie from Martin SB on YouTube for more information about Zig iT!

Good luck with spodding your zigs!

Reggy Bruinsma

Written by Martin SB