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Using tigernuts in Holland and abroad

For many years I like to use tigernuts, particularly in combination with boilies I think it’s a great bait to use. In some cases I mix it with some hemp. Once I start using tigernuts, I always make sure that I am able to use a baitboat to drop my rigs on the right spot. By this way you will always be able to get the tigernuts exactly on the spot. The tigernut is difficult to get on the swim with tools like a throwing stick, baitscoop or catapult. Additionally you take a lot of extra weight with you because of the water you boiled the nuts in.

Martin SB, however, comes with a good solution in the form of a mix of large and small tigernuts in a convenient bucket which are also has a long shelf life without the need for moisture that is normally added to it! This saves an enormous amount of weight, which is ideal for trips abroad.

Martin SB - Artikelen - Rick van Wees - particles Martin SB - Artikelen - Rick van Wees - Particles met Roasted Nut

During most of my trips abroad I like to use tigernuts. They give me some extra confidence and ensure that the carps in the area will be attracted to my swim. I think that there’s no need to explain that carp leaves bits and pieces of half-digested tigernuts in and around the swim. Besides that I use tigernuts to prebait my swims, I like to use them as hookbaits. I usually make a ‘tower’ presentation of two tigernuts and a pop-up tigernut to finish it. During the past few years this presentation delivered many beautiful and also heavy carps. The first trip to France I can still remember. At the time I fished on a large reservoir and prebaited several swims with the mix of tigers and boilies. The first night delivered some nice carps in a corner of the lake.

Martin SB - Artikelen - Rick van Wees - De grootste uit de eerste nacht

During the sessions that followed I caught many more beautiful carps with this combination. My record fish was also caught on a combination of Roasted Nut boilies, tiger nuts and hemp. During a session I change the hookbait between boilies and tigernuts to see which one produces the most bites. In my opinion there are more than enough combinations that you can make with tigernuts to be successful at your fishery.

Martin SB - Artikelen - Rick van Wees - Een beer van een vis

In the Netherlands my experience with tigernuts are also good. I must mention that I don’t use tigernuts the entire season. Tigernuts are harder to digest and that makes them less suitable for the colder months. Actually, I should make more use of tigernuts because in my area the other carpanglers don’t use them at all and so fishing with nuts can make the difference! As I’ve already indicated, prebaiting with boilies is faster and easier. Usually I’ve a few bags with boilies in my car and that’s why I often use boilies. For the swims near the bank, the tigernuts are ideal to use with a baitscoop. I’ll always keep using tigernuts in my fishery. My own experience with tigernuts is very good and it brought me many beautiful carps!

Martin SB - Artikelen - Rick van Wees - Mooie Nederlandse bak

Greetings, Rick van Wees

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Written by Martin SB