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Upgrade your bait with Super Smog!

For many carpanglers  Super Smog is well-known already. Two years ago the product was introduced by Martin SB. Since then the Super Smog is part of the basic equipment for many anglers which achieved many successes with it. But what makes the Super Smog so unique?



The Martin SB Super Smog isn’t just a booster or a liquid. The carpangler can really differentiate by using this product. This liquid attractor doesn’t create a standard cloud which will rise to the water surface. When the liquid is leaks out of the bait, it will ‘crawl’ over the bottom to create a larger surface. After some time, the Super Smog will rise up to the water surface. The range to the carp, and so the chance to catch a carp, will be considerably increased by using Super Smog.

Martin SB-Artikelen-Super Smog-onder water 


Currently there are several methods to catch carp. Super Smog offers a solution for all the groups within the world of carping. The product is very suitable for soaking boilies, pellets, particles, zigmixes, stickmixes and so on. With Super Smog it is possible to make a bait enormous attractive. The Super Smogs are 100% PVA friendly and that’s an extra advantage. With the introduction of the new SWEET 17 there are 9 flavours available: Fish, Sweet, Hot, Garlic, Tiger Nuts, Monster Crab, Peach Pineapple, Scopex Cream and the SWEET 17. The wide selection of flavours makes it easier to combine the bait with the right Super Smog flavour.

Martin SB-Artikelen-Super Smog-Jasper Smit

Upgrade your bait with Super Smog

With Super Smog it is possible to make your (hook-) bait extra attractive. By soaking the bait several times there will be different layers. These layers will leak out of the bait one by one which will prolong the duration. The chance that the carp takes the bait will increase as the bait remains attractive for a longer time. Of course it is also possible to use this trick by using pellets or particles.

Martin SB-Artikelen-Super Smog-boilies en particles Martin SB-Artikelen-Super Smog-boilies en particles

When you go out for floater fishing, just keep waiting behind your rods for that run or if you prefer to drop a crust of bread for that hard to get carp; the Super Smog can make the difference. See it by yourself and be convinced!

Watch the new Super Smog video.

Written by Martin SB