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THE BEST OF TWO WORLDS – Sjuul Philipsen

You often get the question: ‘Do you fish with a sweet or a fishy boilie?’ Why not combine them?

If there is a sweet flavour that has proven itself over the years, it is the Scopex! Scopex combined with the highest quality water-soluble, pre-digested fish meal makes the Instant 8 a real killer! Not only instant, as the name suggests, but also in the long run.

For the first time in my life I opened the Instant 8 bag in the autumn of 2018. The transparent part of the bag was even a little cloudy from all the attractors that are in and on the outside of the boilies. The Instant 8 is going to be used during the last fishing session of the year. The other team members are very enthusiastic about the catch results, it’s going to be alright!

While I normally fish in the Alps, this time I went to northern France to visit a new water. I was unpacking on the first fishing spot, when I realised that there are other fishermen sitting about hundred meters away and they seemed to need the whole water …. Grrrr, I packed everything back in the car again and left the spot in the dark. Fortunately, there is a plan B!

Martin SB - Article - Instant 8 - Sjuul

Plan B

Plan B is an oval lake that serves as a water storage. Upon arrival I see carps swimming in a shallow channel that is connected to the lake. They are not afraid of my headlight! This is going to be an ideal opportunity to test the Instant 8 boilies. I throw a few hands of boilies in it and the clear water gets cloudy quickly. The carps stir up the soft soil in no time and seem to find even the last boilie. This is a good sign for the coming days!

The water depth is fairly stable, around 2.5 meters. 20 meters from the bankside, the strong weed/vegetation stops, and there only a soft bottom remains. In this case, it’s ideal if a boilie is already completely saturated with flavours. As a result, the boilie won’t be able to fully suck up the acid water from the bottom. Of course, it’s also wise to adjust your rigs and the way of fishing.

Martin SB - Article - Instant 8 - Sjuul Phillipsen

I position two rods three meters behind the weed and the other two at my markers further away. Unfortunately, the first night remains silent. The second night I get my first bite early in the evening and the first carp is caught! The third and the last night are crazy, with bites following each other quickly. As icing on the cake, I catch a perfect common carp and a slightly heavier mirror. In the light rain I make a quick photo before I return home. The Instant 8 remains on my radar and I advise everyone to take a shot at it, you won’t be disappointed! Tight lines!

Written by Martin SB

Martin SB - Article - Instant8 - Package