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The best of both worlds

Martin SB - Xtra Range - Instant 8

Is it better with a "fishy" boilie or should I opt for sweet? Why not the best of both worlds!

Often carp anglers have doubts about what to choose for hookbaits or for a prebaiting campaign. Is it better with a “fishy” boilie or should I opt for sweet? That is quite a realistic question that is not very easy to answer. Each water requires a different approach and strangely enough carp often have a completely different preference. A well-known trick is mixing both flavours. In the past, this was already anticipated by smart carp anglers. Mix a bucket of fishmeal boilies with a few kilos of very sweet strawberry flavour boilies for example.

Martin SB Xtra Range boilies are available in 15, 20 and 25 mm. Click HERE to order Instant 8.

MartinSB - Xtra Range - Instant 8

A few years ago, Martin SB developed a boilie that actually brought the best ingredients from these two “worlds” together. Predigested fishmeal on the inside and Scopex on the outside. Scopex is the sweetest all-rounder you can find and does well on almost all waters. By adding the right amount of CPSP, the carp keep coming back to “see” if there is still something to be gained. Ideal for a prebaiting campaign. The results did not lie and to this day this boilie does what it should do. Catch carp!

Also check out this video about Instant 8:

The name Instant 8 says it all. A great boilie that gives an enormous instant attraction due to its unique coating that slowly melts away. But as said before; do not underestimate the value of the Xtra Range Instant 8 during a prebating campaign, the results are truly astonishing! Be sure to check out the Instant 8 food-based and fluor pop-ups.

MartinSB - Xtra Range - Instant 8

Written by Martin SB

MartinSB - Xtra Range - Instant 8
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