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SWEET 17 – introduction at CARP ZWOLLE 2017

In this article Martin SB explains where the idea for the new boilie SWEET 17 came from and how is was further developed. After two years of testing and finetuning this boilie is finally Martin SB worthy and ready to be presented to the public. Martin SB is after 25 years still true to its name, the SWEET 17 is a definite Super Boilie!


In the spring of 2015 Nicolas Chevret – Martin SB Teamptain France – requested a boilie with a sweet taste, lightweight and easy to digest. He proposed to add n-Butyric acid, coconut and to use a pineapple flavouring. A month later a small, first testbatch was sent to France. Nicolas was immediately enthusiastic and at Martin SB was decided to further develop this new boilie.

martin-sb-sweet-17-nicolas  martin-sb-sweet-17-close-up-sweet-17-fall

The second version of the boilie – called Coco-Pine – was rejected; although based on all natural products, the boilie had an unnatural look that just doesn’t not fit the Martin SB philosophy. Besides that, teammembers found the structure of the boilie too sealed off. The third and next version had a much more open structure due to extra fibres and by adding a water soluble ingredient it seemed that the boilie was ready for the public. Even though happy with the results Martin SB decided to have 6 teammembers do more, intensive fieldtests.

Based on their reports Martin SB decided mid-2016 to do some small adjustments to perfect the boilie and make worthy to carry the name Martin SB. The final version has more n-Butyric acid, a natural pineapple flavour that doesn’t becomes bitter, a light weight and high quality water soluble ingredient and lots of good fibres that ensure an easy digestion. The boilie is sweet and will be released in 2017 hence the name SWEET 17. The final version of this boilie was distributed over 25 teammembers in Holland and France and the results are truly amazing, A wonderboilie doesn’t exist, but with this product Martin SB comes really close!

martin-sb-sweet-17-close-up-sweet-17-bag   martin-sb-sweet-17-close-up-and-carp   martin-sb-sweet-17-close-up-sweet-17-hands

At Carp Zwolle 2017 Martin SB organises a ‘SWEET 17-party’ and will present this new top product, along with Super Smog, dip and popups in fluor and natural colouring to the public. You are all invited!

Written by Martin SB