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Super Smog, the breaking factor

The winter and early spring can be difficult times during the season. The water temperature is low and the fish are moving very slow. To get the carp on the move and turn them to feeding, the fish should be activated. This is possible by using a fluor pop-up, especially small and attractive bait or by using one of our flavours of Super Smog; making the bait very attractive.


Super Smog

During the winter and spring, using an attractive groundbait and hookbait can make the difference! The fish will be stimulated to start feeding. The aim is to create a cloud of attractiveness in all water layers; Super Smog is the product that will make the difference! In addition, Super Smog has a long lasting effect that makes sure that the fish will stay around and eventually will start feeding.

How to use?

From my own experience I know that the carp at my favorite pit can spread out very quickly. So it’s a matter of searching the area to produce a bite. The Super Smog Fish can help. In order to prolong the duration of the attraction, I mix my groundbait 24 hours before the session with Super Smog. After 24 hours, the Super Smog is fully soaked into the bait so the attractor continuously leaks out of the boilies. This process can go on for several hours which can develop a gigantic cloud of attraction! With the use of Super Smog, it’s a matter of time before the carp detect the prebaited swim. This product is available in no less than seven different flavours. These boosters are perfect to combine with almost any boilie or particle.

Martin SB - Artikel - Super Smog - Robin Smit

All seasons

Right now, I’m just talking about the winter and early spring, but of course this product can also be used during the summer. Think of a difficult ‘circuit’ water that’s being prebaited heavily in summer. Many anglers just keep prebaiting lots of boilies. Every fisherman has his own technique and tactic to catch a fish. Personally I like it simple and I use the Super Smog as a ‘secret’ weapon to lead the fish quickly and easily to the swim.

An attractive bait is a factor that can make the difference between catching or a blank. Super Smog is the number 1 booster for me and is always at hand!

Written by Martin SB