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Super Smog; a true killer during winter fishing!

A special liquid to make your bait extra attractive

For me, Super Smog is one of my favourite weapons when winter fishing. It doesn’t matter if I’m doing floater or static fishing, I always give my baits a boost with Super Smog.

During the winter, the carp often are passive so it’s always a challenge to force a bite even when you’ve found them. In my opinion it’s a good tactic to introduce the taste of my bait to the carp so they will look around for more. My baits have to be attractive!  The Martin SB Super Smog boosters are perfect for that. Super Smog boosters have both a horizontal as a vertical effect, so you can also reach the carps in the higher water layers.

Pennen met Gerard van Emmerik, Martin SB teamlid

Fishing for winter carps means that you’ve to search them. One day you’ll find them under a bridge or in front of an outflow pipe, the other day you can find them in a shallow zone or in the reeds. It’s important to keep this in mind when you go out there in winter. My way of finding the fish is to try different swims during a day session. This will increase your chance of success.

If I’ve got some time left, I go fishing for just a few hours. Most of the time I use my floater rod in combination with one static rod set-up. I prefer to bait up my spots an hour before I go fishing.  For my floater rod I usually bait up three swims with some sweetcorn. For the swims of my static rod I prefer a hand of crushed boilies. The sweetcorn and the crushed boilies will both be soaked with Super Smog so it will be noticed by the carp more quickly.

Martin SB Scopex en Monster Crab gesoakt in Super Smog

I prefer to use a few soaked pieces of sweetcorn on the hook of my floater rod and a high visual hookbait (fluor pop-up) for my static rod. On the floater swims, I throw some extra pieces of soaked sweetcorn next to my floater. I prefer a little PVA-bag filled with crushed and soaked boilies on the swims for the static rod.

Alle ingrediënten voor een succesvolle visdag in de winter

I’m an active angler so I’ll fish my swims for about half an hour. When I get some action, I’ll bait up my swim again and wait a little longer for a second bite. When there is no activity, I’ll move on to the next swim. I don’t use a lot of bait, because they have to find the way to my hookbait very quickly. In this way I can be very successful during short sessions. Sometimes I’ll use more bait, but only when I notice that the carps are more active.

So, preparing different kind of swims and making my (hook)baits more attractive with Super Smog are a big part of my success during my winter fishing. An extra advantage of this active way of fishing is that it will keep you warm.

Good luck!

Gerard van Emmerik


Want to know more about Gerard? Follow him on Instagram: @vissendegeer

Written by Martin SB

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