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Salmon Oil a pure enrichment

A liquid additive, as it already says, is a liquid additive that you can add to your boiliemix, feeder and groundbait, baitsoak or as a dip during fishing for carp. The product line of Martin SB has seven additives: ‘Beef Extract, Active Special, Aminol, Salmonoil, Krill Hydrolysate, CPSP & Robin Red and Liver Extract’,  they are all available in 2.5 liter cans and handy 500 ml bottles.

Liquid additives ensure that the bait and hookbait presentations get some extra attention. By soaking (marinate liquids into the bait and feed products) the bait, the carp will find it earlier because the exhalation (spread of smell). By the huge attraction, it’s possible to attract the carp from a much larger distance. By a range of natural appetite-enhancing ingredients like: ’amino acids, organic amino acids, minerals and vitamins’ the appetite of the carp will be stimulated immediately during the warm and cold periods.

Salmonoil a real all-rounder
Martin SB liquid additive Salmonoil has a big surprise! Salmonoil is a very high quality salmon oil enriches with various polyunsaturated fatty acids. The product is not only ideal for fishing for carp with colder water temperatures during the winter months. Salmonoil has another secret, it is also good to use while fishing with deadbait for predators like pikes. A product for carp that can be used for fishing on predatory fish?

Prepare your bait fish
Salmonoil can be used in two diffrent ways for the enrichment of the dead baitfish:

  1. The direct injection of the dead baitfish by using a syringe.
  2. Careful notching the dead baitfish and soaking it in Salmonoil.

For both methods it is important that the dead baitfish will be frozen so that it can defrost on the jig and spread the fragrances trough the water. This attracts predatory fish from the whole area because they are not only sight hunters, they often use their sense of smell!

Martin SB - Article - Doodaas gesoaked in Salmonoil  Martin SB - Article - Salmonoil injecteren

Mixing proportions
It pays off to experiment with the addition of a liquid as Salmonoil, but also the six other additives from Martin SB has their own specialty. The proportions of additives in addition to a baitsoak or groundbait are 10-50 ml/kg and 50 ml/kg for a boiliemix. For the proportions of a additive to a dead baitfish, it comes down to your own experience. Because the fishes are conditioned more and more in certain waters, a additive like Salmonoil can lead tob etter catches. Usually the next rule counts: the more fragrance, the more action!

Martin SB - Artikel - Salmonoil - Alvar Besemer  Martin SB - Liquid Additives - group

Written by Martin SB