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Quatro Mini Range: Small but great!

Martin SB is a company that is continuously develops new and distinctive carp baits. In recent years, the company has made innovating steps and puts high-profile products on the market every single year. One of these products, or rather product range, is de Quatro Mini Range. Small baits are discovered by more and more carpanglers and for good reasons.


Unique concept

You have a truly unique product in your hands with the Quatro Range. In every package there are around a 120 baits that come in four flavours and colours. This saves a lot of space and in addition you can make quick changes in your hookbait presentation. Fishy, spicy and sweet are combined in different colours. There is an appropriate bait for almost any circumstances with the Quatro Mini’s in your bag.


Martin SB does not only provide carpanglers with the Quatro Range; in fact, the Quatro’s are excellent for float fishing, match fishing, feeder fishing and the very popular method fishing. The sinking variants are available in round shape but also in dumbells. This means that the bait is not only suitable for traditional hair rigs, but it can also be secured with a baitband.

Martin SB - Artikelen - Quatros

Quatro mini pop-ups

The Quatro mini pop-ups are available in 3 different types: Mysterious, Gentle & Obvious. Each package contains about 120 pop-ups with a diameter of 10 mm. The pop-ups have great buoyancy and have different fluor colours. Every package contains four sections. Each section has another colour and flavour.

Quatro baits Feeder & Match (sinkers)

As more and more carpanglers use mini-baits, there are also the match and feeder anglers that are charmed of mini boilies. Specifically fishing for bream, tench and smaller carps is becoming more and more popular. The sinking 10 mm boilies and 7 mm dumbells from the Quatro Range are very suitable for those fisheries. The packages contain 4 different colours and flavours just like the Quatro pop-ups. Both variants (round and dumbell) are available in fluor and natural colours.


Get ready for every circumstance with just one package of Quatro Mini’s in your bag!

Written by Martin SB