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Stimulate passive carp with Super Smog!

When the cloud of Super Smog makes contact with a carp, the carp will be strongly stimulated to search for food.

It has been a few years since Martin SB presented the Super Smog boosters for the first time. In the meantime, these unique boosters are part of the standard equipment for many carp anglers. The Super Smog boosters can make the difference when the carps are in passive state.

The Martin SB Super Smog boosters have a very unique effect. During the first couple of minutes, the booster will gradually leak out of the bait. An extremely attractive cloud develops around every piece of bait and spreads horizontally along the bottom. After a few minutes, the cloud will rise in a vertical direction. In this way, all water layers can be reached. The chance of reaching carps in upper water layers will be considerably increased!
Besides the fact that you can increase your range with Super Smog, there is another big advantage. In Super Smog boosters are several ingredients that will trigger the carp to feed. Besides his mouth, the carp can also taste with its belly and fins because of the many taste buds. When the cloud of Super Smog makes contact with a carp, the carp will be strongly stimulated to search for food. So the carp can be stimulated without the need for large quantities of bait.
Super Smog boosters are very suitable for carp anglers who are actively searching for carp. The boosters are PVA-friendly and can be used perfectly when creating a stick mix. Also for fishing with single hookbaits, the Super Smog booster is a big plus! And how about those passive carps under the surface that don’t want to take a crust of bread? Just put some Super Smog on the crust and the carp will start feeding!
Haven’t you tried the Super Smog booster yet? Surprise yourself!

Written by Jasper Smit

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