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New: Basic Range – Green Fish

Aspirant Martin SB Teammember Bastiaan Cappendijk is over the moon with the new range of Basic boilies. His kind of fishery often takes place at large canals and rivers. On these kinds of waters there normally is not so much pressure that’s why a ‘Basic’ boilie will do the job just fine according to Bastiaan. ‘The exclusive ingredients in boilies, which can force good results on other venues, are really unnecessary in these situations” so he says.

Bastiaan tries to keep the carp feeding at his swim on the canal instead of letting them pass on. He claims to accomplish this by prebaiting large amounts of baits on widespread areas. Thanks to the roach, bream, ducks and of course a lot of carp, the bait never stays there for more than one day. Bastiaan: ‘This kind of heavy prebaiting can costs lots of money . That’s why the Green Fish out of the new Basic Range of Martin SB, really comes in handy for students like me!’

Martin SB - Article - Green Fish - Bastiaan Cappendijk Martin SB - Article - Green Fish - Bastiaan Cappendijk

Written by Martin SB