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New: Foodbait Pop-ups

After nearly two years of testing and fine tuning Martin SB introduces a new quality product at Carp Zwolle.

We have completely renewed six flavors of Xtra Range pop-ups!

These are offered in jars of 50 grams containing 50% foodbait pop-ups and 50% fluorine pop-ups in 15mm. The new Xtra Range pop-ups will soon be available in 6 already proven & trusted flavors. Our perfectly water-soluble foodbait pop-ups are chock-full of water-soluble ingredients and evaporatefor a very long time.

Martin SB - Nieuws - Foodbait - pop-ups

The 6 flavours – foodbait pop-ups

Forest Fruits

The Martin SB Forest Fruits pop-ups are outstanding because of their colouring and flavouring. By adding n-Butyric acid, milkpowder and several sweeteners, these pop-ups are very attractive. Thanks to a smart process these pop-ups have a perfect buoyancy and through double flavouring and natural ingredients they will leak out for a long time.

Garlic & Robin Red

The Martin SB Garlic Robin Red pop-ups are full of water-soluble ingredients such as CPSP, Liquid Krill, garlic powder and Haith’s Robin Red.

Martin SB - Nieuws - Foodbait - pop-ups

Instant 8

The Martin SB Instant 8 pop-ups ups are full of water-soluble ingredients such as CPSP, n-Butyric acid, milkpowder and an old school Scopex-flavour. These pop-ups are coated with pre-digested fishmeal for an even quicker instant response.

Monster Crab & Aminol

The Martin SB Monster Crab & Aminol pop–ups are full of water-soluble ingredients such as CPSP, Liquid Krill and Haith’s Robin Red. These pop-ups are flavoured with the best Monster Crab flavour available.


The Martin SB SWEET 17 pop-ups come in a handy combipack – fluor and natural mixed. Ingredients such as n-Butyric acid, coconut and a natural pineapple flavour, ensure a high instant response. A special production process guarantees long-lasting buoyancy and attractiveness.

Martin SB - Nieuws - Foodbait - pop-ups 

Krill & Liver

The Martin SB Krill & Liver pop-ups are extremely attractive to carp. Ingredients such as Krillmeal, Liquid Liver and Haith’s Robin Red are added in high quantities.

Written by Martin SB