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Just that little bit Xtra!

The Xtra Range!

Actually, the name says it all; it’s a boilie with a little bit Xtra.

The range consists of seven different kinds of boilies:


– Instant 8
– Forest Fruits
– Monster Crab & Aminol
– Krill & Liver
– SWEET 17
– Garlic & Robin Red
– White Monster Crab


All products in the Xtra Range are made from natural ingredients. Most ingredients are from the carp’s natural environment. This results in faster recognition and trust in theboilies. When carpfishing, I’m always looking for that little bit Xtra. Personally, I am a fisherman who prebaits a large swim for several days. That’s why I need boiliesthat havea high level of attraction. In my opinion prebaiting with the Xtra Range, in my case Monster Crab &Aminol, delivers me more fish because of the unique composition of the bait.

Martin SB - Artikelen - Xtra Range - Nick Dekkers - mat

A shot of Aminol!

Since I am part ofteam Martin SB, I’vefished with different kind of boilies. The famous Classic Range, the more attractive Xtra Range and the special 3D Range boilies. My favourite combination is a mix of Classic and Xtra Range. I choose Monster Crab & Aminol from the Xtra Range and Scopex or another sweet variety, from the Classic Range. I make a combination offish and sweet to reach more carps!

Martin SB - Artikelen - Xtra Range

The Monster Crab & Aminol is a boilie with a high nutritional value, a bait to keep the fish feeding and hang around for more. With ingredients like LT fishmeal, CPSP predigested fishmeal, Haith’s Robin Red, salmonoil and a generous shot of aminol, it is a very well-designed bait. The unique Martin SB Monster Crabflavour makes this bait a real killer!

Written by Martin SB