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Mix iT, the brand new Martin SB sensation!

Every carpangler knows that Martin SB is known for it’s carpbait innovations.

Nevertheless, there were some products like stickmix and methodmix that are still missing in the Martin SB assortment wich shouldn’t be missing. With the new Mix iT range, Martin SB launches a series of mixes that can be used both fort he method feeder and for making PVA-sticks. Mix iT is a multifunctional product that distinguishes itself because it consists of fine and coarse particles that vary from sinking, floating to rising. By usuing Boost iT, wich is also a brand new product, an even more intense appetite-generating signal will be spread through several waterlayers.

Want to use Mix iT as a methodmix?

Take a quantity of Mix iT and add some water, Boost iT or possibly a combination of it. The mix will be ready when a compressed quantity feels solid, but it can still easily disintegrates. It’s important to give Mix iT a few minutes to absorb the added liquids well. Sampling will be prevented by sieving the mix. As soon as the mix is ready, other products such as: mini-pellets, sweetcorn, maggots, casters and hemp can be added tot he mix. Put the right quantity into the mold of the method feeder and press the method feeder firmly into the mix.

Want to use Mix iT as a stickmix?

Take a quantity of Mix iT and add some Boost iT or another PVA-friendly liquid. Give Mix iT a few minutes to absorb the liquids well. The stickmix is ready when the mix is saturated but still loose in structure. Feel free to add any other products tot he stickmix. Fill a PVA-funnelweb with the desired amount of stickmix. Attach the PVA-stick to the hookbait and add some extra Boost iT on it before inserting.

Mix iT is packed per kilo and available in the Classic Range flavors: Scopex, Strawberry, Roasted Nut, Tiger Peanut, Tutti Frutti and Monster Crab!

Check it out at the Zwolle Carpshow!

Written by Martin SB

Martin SB - Mix iT & Boost iT

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