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Mini bait, maximum result! – Andres de Rouville

About ten years ago I made a few important adjustments to my fishing.

I discovered that my fishing became less and less effective. A basic rig with a standard size bait. In most cases you will also recognize yourself in the use of 20 mm boilies.

It was time to radically change some things. For example, I changed the size of boilies to 15 mm and adjusted my rig accordingly. My results were satisfactory again. Especially at waters with a high pressure, an adaptation in bait size can provide a positive change in catches.

Last winter I was forced to face the facts on a busy and hard-flowing canal. I had excellent results on this channel throughout the year. Beautiful and strong common carp with the occasional beautiful mirror carp. All year round 15 mm boilies were fished in various flavours. The flavours did not make any difference in catches, but the size did.

Since almost everyone uses the standard size of 20 mm boilies on this water, using 15 mm boilies turned out to be successful. Until last winter! My catches fell back. To use the cold water as an excuse, went a bit too far for me. The canal contains an excellent stock of carp. There should be opportunities to hook a winter carp.

Well, it is known that carp – especially in the winter – like small bait. An easy snack in the cold water. Thus, I put a small Mini Match on the hair. I actually did not think it was an effective presentation. How will such a small bait stand out? I chose a strong scented 10 mm Tutti Frutti Mini Match boilie. In order to make the bait more visible, I fished this system in combination and with the help of a pva bag. A kind of method-feeder system, only differently. Within ten minutes I stood with a bend rod and landed a beautiful common carp. I finally ended the day with four common carps and went home with a smile. On the way to the hot stove, I suddenly realized that this bait can also be used with a so-called method feeder. I had a great time last winter with this great mini bait. Both with method feeder and just static, last winter became one of the most successful ever.

Thanks to the Mini Match boilies, I got a maximum result!

Written by Martin SB

Martin SB - Mini Match Boilies - Andres de Rouville

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