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Martin SB wafters: foodbased and attractive!  

Martin SB wafters: foodbased and attractive!  

The first batch was sold out in no time and it was well received by our customers! Want to know more about our new Wafters? Then check this out.

A few months ago, Martin SB launched their brand new wafters for the well-known Classic Range and Xtra Range. As you are used to from Martin SB, only the best is good enough.  That’s the reason why the development and testing of the wafters took a lot of time. Now, a few months later, it appears that it has been worth all the effort.

Food-based concept

Martin SB wafters: foodbased and attractive! All Classic Range and the Xtra Range wafters are made according to our food-based concept. This means that the wafters consist of the same water-soluble ingredients that are also in the boilie with which the Wafter matches. The open structure in combination with the water-soluble ingredients ensures a continuous and long-lasting attraction. The Martin SB Wafters are very attractive!


Martin SB  Xtra Range SWEET 17 Wafter Martin SB  Xtra Range Monster Crab & Aminol Wafter Martin SB Xtra Range Instant 8  wafter Martin SB Xtra Range Forest Fruits wafters

Unique buoyancy

All Martin SB boilies have their own composition of solid, liquid and water-soluble ingredients. With 13 flavors spread over the Classic Range and the Xtra Range, each wafter had to be tested individually to balance them out perfectly. The composition is very decisive for the buoyancy of the wafters. In addition, the continuous and prolonged exhalation of attractors also affects buoyancy. By properly testing and continuing to develop over a period of no less than three years, Martin SB has been able to add a very unique product to its range. All wafters float for at least 24 hours on all common hook sizes in carp fishing without this being at the expense of attractiveness. How cool is that?!


Great success

Within a few weeks the first batch was completely sold out and more importantly, the mailbox overflowed with enthusiastic catch reports from all over the Netherlands and France. For many carp anglers, the new water-soluble wafters with a long-lasting buoyancy are a very welcome addition to their already extensive equipment.

If you’re fish on heavily fished waters, weedy waters, during winter or when you are just a fan of wafters? Then you definitely have to try the new Martin SB wafters! Be surprised by the excellent catching power!

Team Martin SB


Written by Martin SB

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