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Martin SB Quatro Mini fluor pop-ups

Mini baits are a valuable alternative for every serious carpfisherman nowadays. There are situations where striking and highly buoyant mini baits will make the difference. Especially for these circumstances Martin SB has three different combipacks.

Rolf Bouman is consultant at Martin SB and explains: ‘I never really use a regular shaped and sized boilie as a hookbait, a small piece of a boilie combined with a 10mm Qautro pop-up on a thin hair can be an absolute killer. A sort of ‘snowchild’. Apart from the high buoyancy and the visual effect of the striking colours, the flavouring plays an important part in attracting carp. Which flavour you put on? That’s entirely up to you, the ‘signaleffect’ which a flavour has is in my opinion most important. It’s always a good idea to bring some Quatro’s to the banks, they may make your day!’

Martin SB Quatro Mini fluor pop-ups are available in handy combipacks. Every combipack contains around 120 Quatro’s. There are three different combipacks available: Mysterious – Gentle – Obvious

Martin SB Quatro Mini’s: Always prepared…

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Written by Martin SB