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The temperatures are rising rapidly, above and beneath the surface!That means that the carps are looking for action and are ready to feed! Duringthe day and at night the fish will swim large distances for food, what makes our fishing easier than in wintertime for example. But they still must find your bait of course! Martin SB liquids can help you attract and catch more carp. Below are two tips that have deliveredme many fish.



To get straight to the point … My absolute number 1 of the Martin SB liquids is Salmonoil! Everyone has swims where the smell and taste disappears quickly from the boilies because of a stinky, muddy bottom. The bait takes up the smell of the soil. For example, your bait will change from attractive to neutral without you knowing it. To avoid this, you can soak your boilies for a few days in the Salmonoil. Because the boilies are full of oil then, they cannot absorb anything from their surroundings, and your bait will stay attractive! The carp now detects your bait much faster. Fishing on soft soils will suddenly become a lot more successful!


Oil overload!

I often use the above tactic for night fishing because I leave the bait on the same spot for an extended period of time. For short sessions, I do the opposite. I soak them just for a little while, maybe a few hours, to ensure that the oil leaks out of the boilie very quickly and dissolves in the water. Carps are then triggered and stimulated immediately. The oil spreads very quickly in the water, especially if the water temperature is high. By baiting a couple of boilies every hour or so, the oily cloud keeps attracting carp.

Written by Martin SB

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