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Keep catching with White Monster Crab!

The warm summer days are gone and now the autumn really has started.

The first autumn storms have blown over the country and the temperature is dropping fast. It's getting calmer along the banks and that offers opportunities for diehard carp anglers. Catching carps will be getting harder because the fish become more passive as soon as the water cools down. However, there are always opportunities to catch a carp. Using the right bait will make the difference now.

Passive behavior?

As soon as the water temperatures are beneath 10 degrees, the carp will become passive. The fish is barely moving, the metabolism is extremely slow, and the feeding moments are often for a short period. ‘Winter baits’ must therefore meet several criteria to be able to respond well to these circumstances. The perfect winter bait must be striking to raise interest, and, in addition, the carp must able to easily digest the bait. Martin SB started working on this and produced a very successful winter bait named White Monster Crab.

White Monster Crab

The White Monster Crab is a boilie for fishermen who put high demands on their bait. This boilie contains no fish meal in contrast to the already existing Monster Crab boilie from the Classic Range. In cold water this bait will be easier to digest. The White Monster Crab contains many fibres which makes it a really lightweight boilie. The fibres have an additional advantage because they stimulate the intestines, which makes the bait easier to digest. In addition, various additives are added such as beer yeast, dextrose and, of course, the highly effective Monster Crab flavour!


White Monster Crab has an open structure. This allows the additives to leak easily from the bait, which greatly increases the attractiveness of the bait. Treating the bait with additional additives from the Liquid Additive Range or of course the Super Smog Range provides even more attractive action.

Written by Jasper Smit

Martin SB - Article - White Monster Crab - Jasper Smit

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