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Jasper Smit on fire with Spicy Masala

Tasteful boilie

A carp may be called an omnivore, but that doesn’t alter the fact that these gourmets can be quite picky.

They realy do have their preference when it comes to bait. With the introduction of Spicy Masala, Martin SB has launched a very tasteful boilie again. Spicy Masala is like the child of team member Cyriel Ramlakhan who has been involved in the whole 4 year period of developing!

After this very extensive test phase I had the opportunity to take a badge of the final version of the Spicy Masala with me during my most recent trip to France. I immediately noticed that this boilie is something different! Spicy Masala is more flourishing than the average Martin SB boilies and it contains a spicy coating. This boilie is looking realy good! I’ve to say that I had to get used to the extreme intense scent, but the taste is absolutely fantastic!

My favorite mix of Monster Crab and Roasted Nut was immediately adapted to Spicy Masala and Monster Crab, a wonderful combination! As a big water angler I’m not a large consumer when it comes to baiting up my swims. I’d rather prefer to start with a kilo or 2 or 3. I can always adding some more when I got some quick action or when my plan just work out in the way I want it to.

During this trip I’ve fished both a big reservoir and a canal and on both waters the carp went totaly crazy on the Spicy Masala. It became an unforgettable session and I even broke all my records! But I’m not the one who immediately gives all the credits to a new boilie. Of course there are many more factors which are contribute to this great success. But when a boilie performs just as well as the well known Monster Crab boilie, then I dare to say that we’ve a very, very good boilie in our hands!

Written by Jasper Smit

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