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Go sweet with the new SWEET 17

Last February Martin SB launched her new boilie called: SWEET 17. This boilie complements the Xtra Range which already includes some top boilies like: Instant 8, Forest Fruits, White Monster Crab, Monster Crab & Amniol, Krill & Liver and Garlic & Robin Red. SWEET 17 is a boilie that fits perfectly in this range because of all the qualities.


Instant killer

SWEET 17 contains a delicious pineapple flavour, the correct amount of n-Butyric acid and a water-soluble ingredient. The open structure ensures that the additions can easily leak out of the boilie. Besides that, the SWEET 17 has a creamy-white colour and so the bait is visible on almost every swim. This combination provides a high instant response and makes this bait a true instant killer!

Easy to digest

Besides that, the boilie is perfect for instant fisheries, the SWEET 17 is also suitable for prebaiting campaigns. The boilie has an open structure and is easy to digest because of the addition of lots of good fibres and crude cocos. The SWEET 17 is therefore very suitable for prebaiting campaigns.

True Allrounder

The SWEET 17 is very easy to digest because of additions such as good fibres and crude cocos. This boilie can be used each season for that reason. The bait can be very effective during the transition between two seasons when the temperatures decrease or increase. This feature makes the SWEET 17 a true allrounder.

SWEET 17 Range

SWEET 17 is available in a 10, 15 and 20 mm diameter. There are available matching pop-ups with a 15 mm diameter. The pop-ups will come in a mix of yellow fluor pop-ups and natural coloured pop-ups. There is also a dip and a SWEET 17 Super Smog available. Try the Intro Package, buy here.

Written by Martin SB