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Fishing with Mini Match Boilies

One year ago, Martin SB launched a brand new range called ‘Mini Match’.

This range consists of mini boilies and mini dumbells. This way another type of angler will be provided with their required mini baits by introducing this new range.

The Mini Match range has a simple structure. Two main groups can be distinguished: Mini Match round boilies and Mini Match dumbell boilies. The round boilies are available in a 10 millimeter round version and a 7 millimeter dumbell version. Both versions are available in 4 natural and 4 fluor varieties.


Anise Power – Wit
Liver & Tuna – Bruin
Super Crab – Rood
Sweet Butterscotch – Geel

Pineapple – Geel
Red Spices & Garlic – Rood
Shellfish – Wit
Passion Fruits – Paars


All varieties come in tubs of 60 grams. They’re also available in our Quatro Range, four flavours in 1 handy combi pack. There are two types of combinations. There is a combination of fluor varieties and a combination that consist the natural varieties. These compositions are also available in round mini boilies and as dumbell.

Classic Range

Besides the Mini Match flavours, there is another special edition. We call it Quatro Classic. This combi pack contains round 10 millimeter Monster Crab, Tutti Frutti, Tiger Peanut and Roasted Nut boilies. This combination is also available in a pop-up version.

Quatro Pop-up

Martin SB also offers the well-known Quatro pop-ups. This range consist of 3 types: Mysterious, Obvious and Gentle. The Mysterious version only contains sweet flavours, Obvious is a combination of fishy and spicy flavours and the Gentle version contains sweet flavours and fishy flavours as well.

Take a look at the Mini Match page if you want to know more about our mini baits!

Written by Martin SB

Martin SB - Mini Match Boilies - Roasted Nut

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