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Enrich your bait with the Martin SB Liquid Additives!

Because of the increasing pressure on waterways it will be more difficult to catch carp. The carp know very quickly if the situation is safe or dangerous. As carpanglers we have to search regularly for new solutions to create activity and takes. Most of the time this happens by changing our bait, because a switch of food can make that the fish feed again. But does it always work to replace a boilie for another boilie? Why do we change our bait? Knowing that enriching the bait is another option?


Liquid Additive Range

There are many situations where liquids can give your fishery a boost. Martin SB has a wide selection of Liquid Additives that make the difference. The liquids of Martin SB are versatile, so you can use them in almost every situation. You can use the liquids to complement or enrich your spod- or zigmix, but you can also soak your boilies or pellets in it. The Liquid Additive Range consists of seven flavours: Beefextract, Salmonoil, Active Special, Liver Extract, CPSP & Robin Red and Krill Hydrolisaat.

Apply the liquids

The bait will be more attractive when you soak it in a liquid. You can soak boilies, pellets and particles with our Liquid Additives. Certainly boilies let the liquid drain out slowly and this will ensure an attractive cloud. The cloud will spread over several layers in the water, as a result the carp will detect your bait quicker. There are many situations in which liquids are a real enrichment. Think about fishing at deeper water where the fish are not necessarily located on the bottom. And what do you think of fishing between weedbeds or even in a weedbed? The Liquid Additives of Martin SB help you to attract the carps much quicker and easier.

Martin SB - Artikel - Liquid Additive - Jasper Smit - catch Martin SB - Artikel - Liquid Additive - Jasper Smit - catch

Try something new!

In many cases there is a possibility to combine your Liquid Additive with the flavour of the boilie you use. Using another flavour can also work very well! For example: You can soak a sweet flavoured boilie with Liver Extract or Aminol. You will be amazed by the results!

In most of the cases a small change can be enough to catch carp again. Enriching your bait with the Martin SB Liquid Additives is such a change. Changing the bait can make you catch, but enriching your bait can make the difference too!

Give it a shot!

Jasper Smit

Written by Martin SB