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The power of Instant 8

Long before I joined Martin SB I already fished with Monster Crab and Tiger Peanut boilies from this company. It would have been obvious for me to continue with these great baits because my results were really good. Still I decided to try another boilie to learn more about the assortment of Martin SB. Other teammembers told me good stories about Instant 8, so I decided to go for that. A month later I arrived at the banks of one of Amsterdams most famous carplakes, the Sloterplas, with Crushies and a mix of 15 and 20mm boilies Instant 8.

At home I had tested the boilie already; in a glass of water it became obvious that this boilie wit its rough structure and sticky outside, leaked out really well. A nice cloud of attraction around the boilie as a result. My confidence was great. I like to make use of several shapes and sizes of boilies, like dumbells and 15 tot 20mm boilies. The fish seem to feed with greater confidence that way. I experience that especially at waters with a lot of pressure by carpfishermen.

After five days of prebaiting I was ready for my first session. I picked a swim at a small harbour because I knew that there would always be fish around. In two nights I caught 9 fish, that is an extreme good result. Now, a year later, I can tell that I’m even more impressed with Instant 8. I even caught my PB common on it. I will keep using Instant 8 in the future, obviously.

NL - Nick Dekkers - 1- web

Written by Martin SB