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Classic Range foodbased pop-ups: Multi usable

Classic Range pop-ups: Multi usable

Martin SB develops pop-ups in all kinds of different shapes and sizes for many years. The Classic Range pop-ups are foodbased, which means that they contain (nutritious) ingredients and additives which are also used in the Classic Range boilies. The foodbased ingredients will leak out continuously when in the water.

How do I use Classic Range pop-ups?

I often use the pop-ups in combination with sinking boilies by using a so-called snowman presentation. For me, this is one of the most effective ways to present my hookbait. The snowman presentation will liftthe hookbait from the bottom which makes it easier to detect. I complete my presentation with some Super Smog which makes my hookbait irresistible to carp.
I also regularly use the chod rig with a Classic Range pop-up. The chod rig is one of the most effective pop-up rigs I know. Because of the excellent buoyancy from the Classic Range pop-ups, you will be ensured that the chod rig is always in the right angle to hook into the carp’s mouth. Despite the fact that the chod rig is used a lot, it’s still very effective. Especially when fishing on pits with a high pressure from other anglers, it’s often the smaller bait presentations that works very well.


A Classic Range pop-up has an open structure. This is ideal for soaking. I like to soak my pop-ups in a dip or Super Smog, then I know for sure that the pop-up leaks out during a long period of time. Pop-ups with a bright colour and a strong smell/taste, will always attract more fish. And that’s what we want to achieve, right?!

Classic Range flavours

Classic Range foodbased pop-ups are available in 15 mm in a package of 50 grams. The following flavours are available:

Do you also like to use pop-up presentations or combine your pop-ups with your boilies? Take a look in our webshop, and give it a try!

Written by Martin SB

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