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The Basic Range: the base for effective prebaiting campaigns

Chasing carps on big lakes, rivers and canals is becoming increasingly popular.

The challenging fishery, the unknown and the unpredictable conditions make it very exciting. However, it is often hard work to keep the fish on the swims, because carp are constantly in search of food. The maintenance of a prebaited spot can be of great value, but of course it must be affordable!

Reliable boilie

Martin SB stands for reliability and has a listening ear to her customers that are using their products. This combination made that we have been on the top over 28 years now. In 2017, we launched the ‘Basic Range’ onto the market for the anglers that regularly bait up their spots. It’s a range of four different types of boilies (sweet, fruity, spicy and fishy) which is based on a quality base mix. This ensures that the fish can digest the boilie very easy and keeps feeding. The quality of the boilies is as you’re used to from Martin SB, a solid structure with a hard outer shell. Ideal for the big lakes and rivers!

Sufficient choice

The Basic Range is composed of four different flavours and is only available in 20mm. Orange Fruits is one of the sweet boilies and is provided with dextrose and a variety of fruitflavours. The other sweet boilie in this range is the Yellow Pineapple. This lovely sweet boilie contains dextrose and is flavoured with our sweet pineapple flavour. For the fishmeal fanatics there is the Green Fish. A boilie with LT-fishmeal in combination with some fishflavours. Red Garlic makes the Basic Range complete. The garlic powder and flavour make this bait into a real stinkbomb! With these four boilies it’s possible to be effective on many different waters. Even by instant carping this boilie is a winner!

Multidimensional product

The Basic Range is a ‘low priced’ range and that’s good news for the anglers that likes to bait up their spots regularly. For the best results you could make a mix of several other boilies. For example you can combine the Sweet Orange with the Green Fish or the Red Garlic. At some waters, the carps prefer sweet baits but at a other type of water, it can be that the fish prefer a boilie that’s based on fishmeal. By working with a mix of different boilies you create a bigger range which increases the chance of success considerably! Beside mixing different types of boilies, there’s also the opportunity to get started with a mix of boilies and particles. Hemp and our particles will do the job everywhere. So take a quick look at our Particle Range. This Range distinguishes itself by the high quality in combination with very low moisture which makes they’ve a long shelf life!

Written by Jasper Smit

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