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Super Smog: Wesley’s favourite bait booster!

Team member Wesley Schra is a huge fan of the Super Smogs and he uses the boosters in many different situations

Super Smog is an unique booster made by Martin SB. Super Smog creates a very attractive cloud in horizontal and vertical directions. All waterlayers will be reached in just a few minutes! This increases the chance that the carps will come in contact with the attractive cloud and start feeding. Super Smog is a 100% PVA-friendly product which means that it can be used in combination with all kind of PVA-related products. The Super Smog Range comes in the Classic Range, the Xtra Range and the Champion Range. Always the right Super Smog for your preferred boilies!

Team member Wesley Schra is a huge fan of the Super Smogs and he uses the boosters in many different situations. Wesley explains;

‘When the water temperatures are high, I’d like to fish the surface. For this type of fishery, I like to use the Martin SB Super Smog boosters. I use Super Smog for soaking dog- and/or catfood, but it can also be used when soaking your bread (crust). Use the booster in small amounts, because that’s enough to create some amazing attraction on the surface. I’ve caught more carps because of this strategy!’

‘Ofcourse, the Super Smog boosters are also suitable for soaking baits as boilies, pop-ups and particles. Pour some Super Smog booster at your bait and give it about 24 hours so that the bait can absorb the booster. In this way, the Super Smog booster will leak out the bait for a much longer period. This increases the chance of attracting more fish! Both passive and active carp will find your hookbait thanks to the attractive cloud.’

Super Smog can be used for many different types of angling. When you go for float fishing or just want to wait for a screaming alarm. The Super Smog boosters can make the difference!

Good luck everyone!

Written by Martin SB

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