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Xtra Range - Nick Dekkers

Just that little bit Xtra!

The Xtra Range! Actually, the name says it all; it’s a boilie with a little bit Xtra. The range consists of seven different kinds of boilies:   – Instant 8 – Forest Fruits – Monster Crab & Aminol – Krill & Liver – SWEET 17 – Garlic & Robin Red – White Monster Crab   All products in the Xtra Range are made Read more…

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Liquids - Steef Peeters


The temperatures are rising rapidly, above and beneath the surface!That means that the carps are looking for action and are ready to feed! Duringthe day and at night the fish will swim large distances for food, what makes our fishing easier than in wintertime for example. But they still must find your bait of course! Read more…

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een echte allrounder

Go sweet with the new SWEET 17

Last February Martin SB launched her new boilie called: SWEET 17. This boilie complements the Xtra Range which already includes some top boilies like: Instant 8, Forest Fruits, White Monster Crab, Monster Crab & Amniol, Krill & Liver and Garlic & Robin Red. SWEET 17 is a boilie that fits perfectly in this range because Read more…

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Mini bait

Quatro Mini Range: Small but great!

Martin SB is a company that is continuously develops new and distinctive carp baits. In recent years, the company has made innovating steps and puts high-profile products on the market every single year. One of these products, or rather product range, is de Quatro Mini Range. Small baits are discovered by more and more carpanglers Read more…

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Martin SB pop-ups: Lots of choices!

In today’s carpscene, pop-ups are indispensable. The variation in pop-up rigs, chod rigs and snowman rigs have increased in such a way that there are not many carpanglers who do not use pop-ups. Martin SB has much to offer when it comes to pop-ups.   Combine with the Classic Range & the Xtra Range Martin Read more…

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Upgrade your bait

Upgrade your bait with Super Smog!

For many carpanglers  Super Smog is well-known already. Two years ago the product was introduced by Martin SB. Since then the Super Smog is part of the basic equipment for many anglers which achieved many successes with it. But what makes the Super Smog so unique?   Distinctiveness The Martin SB Super Smog isn’t just Read more…

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Tigernuts - Rick van Wees

Using tigernuts in Holland and abroad

For many years I like to use tigernuts, particularly in combination with boilies I think it’s a great bait to use. In some cases I mix it with some hemp. Once I start using tigernuts, I always make sure that I am able to use a baitboat to drop my rigs on the right spot. Read more…

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Party @ Carp Zwolle

SWEET 17 – introduction at CARP ZWOLLE 2017

In this article Martin SB explains where the idea for the new boilie SWEET 17 came from and how is was further developed. After two years of testing and finetuning this boilie is finally Martin SB worthy and ready to be presented to the public. Martin SB is after 25 years still true to its Read more…

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enrich your bait - Jasper Smit

Enrich your bait with the Martin SB Liquid Additives!

Because of the increasing pressure on waterways it will be more difficult to catch carp. The carp know very quickly if the situation is safe or dangerous. As carpanglers we have to search regularly for new solutions to create activity and takes. Most of the time this happens by changing our bait, because a switch Read more…

Salmonoil - Alvar Besemer

Salmon Oil a pure enrichment

A liquid additive, as it already says, is a liquid additive that you can add to your boiliemix, feeder and groundbait, baitsoak or as a dip during fishing for carp. The product line of Martin SB has seven additives: ‘Beef Extract, Active Special, Aminol, Salmonoil, Krill Hydrolysate, CPSP & Robin Red and Liver Extract’,  they Read more…

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Catch your fish with Zig iT! - Reggy Bruinsma

Catch your fish in the upper water layers with Zig iT!

The Zig iT mixes exist for more than two years now. I still can remember the first encounter with this product. It was halfway Februari in 2014. At that moment I fished a swim since December for two times a week and for just a few hours per session. By feeding my swims every day Read more…

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Carp magazine 'De Karper' visiting Martin SB

Family company Martin SB 25 years

Only in Dutch: Dit jaar bestaat Martin SB 25 jaar. Vijfentwintig jaar waarin ontelbare tonnen boilies hun weg vonden naar tevreden en vooral trouwe klanten. Op de superboilies van Martin SB kon en kan je bouwen…      Door de jaren heen is Martin SB uitgegroeid tot een internationaal vermaarde aasleverancier en is er met Read more…

Green Fish - Bastiaan Cappendijk

New: Basic Range – Green Fish

Aspirant Martin SB Teammember Bastiaan Cappendijk is over the moon with the new range of Basic boilies. His kind of fishery often takes place at large canals and rivers. On these kinds of waters there normally is not so much pressure that’s why a ‘Basic’ boilie will do the job just fine according to Bastiaan. Read more…

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Basic Range - Jasper Smit

The Basic Range: the base for effective food campaigns

Chasing carps on big lakes, rivers and canals is becoming increasingly popular. The challenging fishery, the unknown file and the unpredictable conditions make it very exciting. However, it is often hard work to keep the fish on the swims, because carp are constantly in search of food. The maintenance of a feeding spot can be Read more…

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Super Smog - Robin Smit

Super Smog, the breaking factor

The winter and early spring can be difficult times during the season. The water temperature is low and the fish are moving very slow. To get the carp on the move and turn them to feeding, the fish should be activated. This is possible by using a fluor pop-up, especially small and attractive bait or Read more…

Quatro - Rolf Bouman

Martin SB Quatro Mini fluor pop-ups

Mini baits are a valuable alternative for every serious carpfisherman nowadays. There are situations where striking and highly buoyant mini baits will make the difference. Especially for these circumstances Martin SB has three different combipacks. Rolf Bouman is consultant at Martin SB and explains: ‘I never really use a regular shaped and sized boilie as Read more…

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Instant 8 - Nick Dekkers

The power of Instant 8

Long before I joined Martin SB I already fished with Monster Crab and Tiger Peanut boilies from this company. It would have been obvious for me to continue with these great baits because my results were really good. Still I decided to try another boilie to learn more about the assortment of Martin SB. Other Read more…

Zijderupsen - Alvar Besemer

Silkworms, take a walk on the wild side!

Early in the morning I leave for a short session of surface fishing for carp. It’s a warm summer day and there’s no wind whatsoever. The water looks deserted when the sun rises, early morningshade and mist dominate. But I do know better, I know what can happen here within a few hours. But will Read more…

Crushies - Boudewijn Margadant

Crush on Crushies

It must have been in 1989 that I discovered the added value of broken boilies over whole ones. When I joined Martin SB that was one of the first things I suggested to produce because no one else did. The people behind Martin SB were actually having the same idea at that time. Crushies aren’t Read more…

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Zig iT - Reggy Bruinsma

Zigging with the best mix!

That carp are well off the bottom for most of the day is pretty well known by now. Especially during the daytime carp like to stay in the upper layers. For carp fishermen using a zig, this is the depth to present their hookbait. My greatest successes are booked from midwater to two thirds from Read more…

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Garlic Shellfish pop-ups - Rolf Bouman

Let’s go pink!

The pink Garlic Shellfish pop-ups, round or in dumbell-shape, will always be in my tacklebox. In clear water, I’ve seen it with my own eyes how curious carp ignored normal baits and went straight for a pink fluor pop-up even though it’s not very natural looking. The fact that is stands out, makes it an Read more…

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